Wuut!! I’m playing the Do Lab Stage at Coachella! Huge Love

Wuut!! I’m playing the Do Lab Stage at Coachella! Huge Love

Per Usual, The Do Lab Created a Phenomenal Space

Coachella Do Lab stage Nico Luminous

The design is always so organic and beautiful.  The colors were amazing. Sound system slapping so perfectly.

The energy of the crowd at the stage was sooooo fun.  A++ production.  Plus you gotta love the people with the water cannons keeping the place cool haha. What else can I say?  I'll def be at Lightning in a Bottle this year to soak up more of those vibes.  I really thankful to be a part of this West Coast Culture.  It's about those type of parties where lots of inspiration flows through and changes peoples lives.  It's very real!!

It's such a true honor to get to play on this lineup at this venue.  Ever since my first Lightning in a Bottle in 2010,  I've just been in major awe of the Do Lab.  They put on such incredible events that leave me soaked in inspiration. Just being at their parties felt like a privilege to me.  So many underground artists have come out of this scene and went on to massive success.  I feel like the reason is because iti really is about the art.  It's so magnetic and raw yet has an evolved, refined energy to the whole thing...Fast forward 6 years later I'm playing their stage at Coachella!! Whoa! #mindblown and #grateful.  This is easily one of my biggest shows ever. I've put the time in and is was worth it.  Thanks to the help of my friend Daniel Zetterstrom some GoPro footage was captured and we were able to make this video.  Used my track "The Hotness"

I really appreciate all the party people that came out and rocked hard during my set!

There's a pretty good in your face crowd shot on the vid that made me smile.  Good people spreading good energy.  It's funny how you hear people in the underground scene diss on Coachella because of it's "Mainstream" vibes and massive crowds.  Honestly, I had an amazing time cruising around the Polo Fields with my friends checking out huge acts Like Rae Sremmurd, Major Lazor, and even saw Dr. Dre play live with Ice Cube!! WTF?!You never get to see that!  I also noticed Coachella peeps were definitely lively and loved the music. I was blown away and although I couldn't make it this year I definitely will in 2018.

Johanna Phraze and Nico Luminous at Coachella 2016 Do Lab Stage

Rocking it with my Sister Johanna Phraze, She always helps take the energy up a notch!

Dreams Do come True!

Really it's just all about wanting it so deeply and making the proper sacrifices to get you where you want to go.  If you can imagine it actually happening, you can have it in real life.  Keep emitting loving thoughts about people to resonate positivity.  The world is hungry for that.  When you stay in a grateful vibe, magical things just keep happening.  Thanks for dropping in, be on the lookout for new music!

Download the Hotness Here!

Do Lab Coachella Stage Nico Luminous


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