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Welcome to the Homepage of Nico Luminous, West Coast Bass Artist, Rapper, Beatboxer, and Multi-Instrumentalist. Future Bass, HipHop, Underground Music,

Since his first electronic release on Street Ritual in 2010, Nico has churned out many styles of beats from organic beatbox/rap tunes to huge club bangers. Nico has his own way of blending Psychedelic R&B downtempo with West Coast Crunk and Trap. Highlight performances would include 2016 Coachella at the Do Lab stage, headlining Shambhala Music Festival in 2012 and 2014, Burning Man at Camp Question mark 2015, Sonic Bloom, Cascadia Festival, Lightning in a Bottle, Boogaloo and so many more.
Nico Luminous at Coachella Do Lab Stage Holy Smokes it felt amazing to rock live at Coachella Do LaB stage last year. Here's a lil taste of the vibes from my set. it was Fuuuuuuuuunnnnn!!!!!! Thanks again for having me! Track is "The Hotness" by me :)#coachella#Dolab#dolabcoachella#dolabcoachella2016#nicoluminous#bassmusic#thehotness Posted by NICO LUMINOUS on Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Only Artist you’ve ever seen with a Batman-style Looper Pedal Belt

Nico goes live on the spot with looping his beatboxing and rapping over it with grainy analog tones and effects. His shows often go raw and unplanned and still packed with surprise elements. Residing in West Hollywood, California, Mr. Luminous is grateful to be alive and creating music. 2017 has a new full-length album geared towards his HipHop roots and heavy beats with live instruments. It will be a fun upside to his latest ultra chill release "Love is Waiting" Catch him this year at Envision Festival in Costa Rica, Santa Cruz Music Festival, and other summertime campouts across the country.

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  Nico Luminous San Diego Spin Night Club